Cleaning A House To Prevent Illness

Not cleaning your house regularly or efficiently enough can easily cause health problems the most common of them being breathing issues. In order to live in a healthier house, that is neat and cozy you need to manage to kill bacteria and germs and prevent them from spreading. Common issues which can cause illness are also mold, fungus and mildew which can grow behind furniture, in bathrooms and in damp areas. One of the dirtiest rooms in every house is the kitchen, which is ironical, because this is also where we store food, cook and eat, so it needs to be the cleanest area. The dirt in the kitchen is usually caused by the food and the cleaning and eating process. It’s best to use a green cleaning solution and wipe down cabinets, countertops and clean the sink regularly. Moreover, try to keep the cutting boards clean and wash your hands when you are in the kitchen – about to cook, eat or touch food in the fridge. Spreading of germs is easier than you think so make sure you don’t walk in with your shoes and throw away the trash regularly. You can use microfiber cloths for cleaning in the kitchen and put them in the washing machine when they get dirty. When cleaning the floors in the kitchen avoid commercial cleaners which have high levels of toxicity and stick to green products instead.

Another dirty area in every home is the bathroom, which we use on a daily basis for removing dirt from our own bodies. All the grime and dirt goes on the tiles, in the bathtub and the shower. Make an attempt to clean the bathroom once a week, but if you don’t find the time at least leave the door open after using it. This will reduce the levels of moisture which can cause the growth of mildew. Use vinegar on the bathroom tiles and rub in the crevices too using an old toothbrush. This is an effective method which is also green and harmless so you don’t even need to use gloves or a mask. Clean the glass surfaces and the mirror regularly and don’t forget that there can be lots of dirt and soap buildup on your toiletries.

Another thing to remember is to always take off your shoes when entering your home. Clean your shoes from mud and dirt so you don’t spread them further in the hallway. Vacuum carpets and rugs as often as you can because that’s where the most dirt is accumulated. If you have pets make sure you brush them regularly and this will reduce the fur flying everywhere around. Shake out slipcovers, mattress covers, rugs and drapes at least twice a month. Consider using green cleaners because they are environmentally friendly and harmless to your health. Baking soda, white vinegar and lemon juice are some of the ultimate green cleaning solutions which can be used in different mixtures for cleaning just about any area and surface at home. If you want to live in a cleaner and safer home spend some time looking for commercial products that have a label for being environmentally friendly. Every time you clean with products that are not ecofriendly use gloves and goggles to protect your skin and eyes. If there is not good ventilation in the room you are cleaning the fumes can be harmful to your health.

The above-mentioned suggestions are the ultimate basics of maintaining a cleaner and healthier living area while still having good results.